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Sumo Training Class

Sumo Experience

Our Sumo training, keiko in Japanese,  are led by experienced  a Japanese sumo coach in both JAPANESE and ENGLISH. You will learn Sumo fundamentals including: stretches, warm-ups, rituals, rules on the wrestling in  the ring (Dohyo) with a Mawashi (Sumo belt).


Don’t have your own gear? , 

No sweat! We provide you with your Mawashi at no extra cost. 

At the end of sumo training, you will be able to wrestle with your friends, and if you are brave enough your coaches!!


  • Max. up to five participants. 

  • Min. of two participants required per training.

  • Training duration: about two hours. 

Online Sumo Workout

​Online Sumo Workout

Online Sumo workout is NOW AVAILABLE !

​- Lessons will be held in both English and Japanese

- Lessons will be held on "whereby"

- No account needed!

      Just follow the link in the message I send you and we can start your sumo workout.  


-Sumo Workout Regimen- (Example)


Workout duration: 30 mins.

Shiko(Sumo Leg lift)       50 X 2 sets 

Koshiwari(Sumo squat)   20 X 2 sets

Sumo push ups               30 X 5 sets

Wakishime                       30 X 5 sets


-What you get out of the class- 


1. I will check for perfect form 

2. Make a sumo training schedule 

3. Answer any questions about sumo


*If you have a specific sumo technique that you would like me to teach you, please ask ! 

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